Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Loudoun Gravel Grinders

Purcelville Road outside of Morrisonville, Virginia.

Here are Some Gravel Grinders in Loudoun County,Va. They are 40 to 50 miles long. All start from Loudoun County High School in Leesburg, Va.

40 miler This route will take you north to Historic Waterford via one the nicest gravel roads in Loudoun, Old Waterford road. Then it heads west to Round Hill. Before heading back into Leesburg. There is approximately 26.3 miles of gravel roads on this route. The route is 65% gravel 35% pavement with approximately 3100 feet of climbing.

44 miler North Here is one that will take you north again to Waterford then west to Morrisonville. It will head south along Purcelville road (nice road) with a view of Shot Hill Mountain to your right. Then you will head over to Hamilton before ending in Leesburg. The route has approx. 28.6 miles of gravel roads  The route is 64% gravel and 36% pavement with aprrox. 3600 feet of climbing.

46 miler South This route heads south towards Middleburg's horse country. It takes you on some must do Loudoun roads. First Oatsland rd, a little climby but very pretty in the spring. Then Carters Farm rd., not long but one the nicest in Loudoun. Then there is Foxcroft rd although it is paved, it is a most do. You will pass by Huntland farm and other nice properties before ending in Leesburg. There is approx. 28.3 miles of gravel roads on this route. 64% gravel and 36% pavement with approx. 3800 feet of climbing.

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  1. These look great. Bookmarked and will try them out. Exploring today I hit Canby Road to Thomas Mill on my Madone 5.2... So not a gravel bike, but fun nonetheless!